Harper's Weekly 10/19/1872



"This is a rehearsal of the pomp and pageantry, the bla-
zonry and circumstance, of civil war, with the single purpose
of rekindling the bitterness and hatred, the animosities and
antipathies, the fears and exultations, of civil war for the ad-
vantage of a political party. Their purpose is to revive and
to exasperate the hatred and animosity of civil war in order
to intensify and invigorate their side of the conflict. They
talk about rebels and traitors. No other party asks for
proscription but this, the very party that holds a great
military parade here in order to further and further sepa-
rate and divide the hearts of the American people from
each other. They hold essential to their triumph that
hatred should continue, that distrust, suspicion, and aliena-
tion should continue. Do what you may, they are deter-
mined not to be satisfied...If the people of the South
say they want disunion, I [H. G., the Infallible] will con-
sent to it."-Horace Greeley.

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