Name:  Thomas Weston Tipton

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Born:  August 5, 1817
Died:  November 26, 1899
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Thomas Tipton was a U.S. senator from Nebraska.  He was born on August 5, 1817, in Cadiz, Ohio. He attended Allegheny College (Pennsylvania), and then transferred to Madison College (Pennsylvania), graduating in 1840. He studied law and passed the bar in 1844. The next year, he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, and then served in an appointive position with the U.S. Land Office from 1849 to 1852. Thereafter, he resumed his law practice.  In 1856, Tipton became an ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1859, he moved to Nebraska and served as a member of its territorial constitutional convention and territorial council. Converting to the Congregational Church, Tipton served as a chaplain to the Nebraska Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. In 1867, he was elected a delegate to Nebraska’s state constitutional convention and, once it gained statehood, was selected by the legislature as U.S. senator (1869-1875). After his term expired, he resumed his law practice and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1880.  On November 26, 1899, he died in Washington, D.C.

Source consulted: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress





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