Antebellum Era
Civil War Era
Reconstruction Era
Greeley's Southern Tour
The Tweed Ring

"An Honest Man"

"What I Know About Farming"


"The Death-Bed Marriage"

"Satan, Don't Get Thee Behind Me!"


'We Are on the Home-Stretch"

"The Artist's Occupation Gone"

The Liberal Republican Movement
The Democratic National Convention
Clasp Hands Across the Bloody Chasm
Analogies from the Bible, Myth and Fable
Greeley's Campaign Falters
Election Results



What I Know About...
Gratz Brown Nametag
Anything to Beat Grant
This is Not an Organ
Clasp Hands Over the Bloody Chasm
Go West, Young Man, Go West

"This is Not an Organ"

"Anything to Beat Grant"


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